Yannick Harrel

Yannick Harrel

Yannick Harrel

Head of Cyberstrategy Department, Technology & Strategy Group |

Yannick is an international expert in Cyberstrategy, he is a lecturer for the IONIS Group (ISG, EPITECH, EPITA) of Strasbourg. founding member of the francophone strategic-thinking group Echo RadaЯ and owner of the webblog “Cyberstrategy East-West” since 2007.

He participated to the launch of the Master of Cyber Defence in the military school of Saint-Cyr. He leads the Cyber Risks and Cyberstrategy seminar for the National School of Administration (ENA) since 2015 and he is one of the actors of the conference cycle Digital revolution, defense and societies at the public institution of higher education Polytechnique.

He worked for some private companies such as the fibre-optic pioneer company Sogetrel or the international media group Altice and law offices in France and Russia. And recently was head of Cyber Department for the french-german company Technology & Strategy (Strasbourg, France).

Yannick Harrel is the author of many works and conferences on the field of Cyberstrategy and Geopolitics on behalf of various journals and institutes. He also participated, at the invitation of the Council of Europe, to the first two editions of the World Forum for Democracy on contemporary digital issues.

His handbook “Economic and Financial Cyberstrategies”, which became a reference, was updated and republished in September 2014.

His last work published in 2016 was focused on the future of the automotive industry, affected by the new technologies of information,communication and control: Automobiles 3.0. Hence he participated in the European ICT Spring 2016 in Luxemburg to present the situation and perspectives beside main actors of the sector. He later worked for Faurecia, a major worldwide automotive supplier.

Accustomed to the Russian world and its ‘near abroad’, he studied in partnership with the University of Strasbourg in Moscow and then in Veliky Novgorod, before working in Saint-Petersburg. Thanks to his experience, he has developed his researches within the Russian Cyberstrategy, writing the first francophone book on this topic, released in March 2013.

He was awarded in 2011 by the National Prize “Admiral Marcel Duval”, from the French National Defense magazine.

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