Paolo Lezzi

Paolo Lezzi

Paolo Lezzi

Executive VP of the European Center for Advanced Cyber Security |

Paolo Lezzi, born in 1959 , graduated in 1985 from the Polytechnic of Milan in Electronic Engineering with specialization in Economy and Organization, lives in Switzerland since 2012.

Always involved in entrepreneurial activities and innovative consultancy services primarily in the field of ICT, is now Founder & CEO of InTheCyber Group SA (Switzerland), InTheCyber Suisse SA (Switzerland) and InTheCyber Srl (Italy), specialized in Cyber Intelligence & Defense.

Among Beta 80 Group founders in 1985 and CEO until 1996. In the period also chairman of the joint venture Signum Kft in Budapest. Founder and CEO in 1996 until 2007 to, a pioneering Internet Business Service Provider. Founder, in 2008, & CEO of Maglan Europe Srl, joint venture with Maglan Israel, till the detachment from the Israeli partner in 2015.

He has been executive advisor for various companies in the business world and has promoted the establishment of a Guaranty Trust Consortium for SME. Former founding and Board of Directors member of AIIP, the Italian Association of Internet Providers as well of the Consortium DITE (Digital Interactive Television Experience) and member of the board of the annual exhibition EFIMA, (Fashion) on behalf of the Region of Lombardy. Now sits in the Board of Directors of the CSGM, Greater Milan Study Center, in which he guides the Business Protection Department. It has been speaker at various conferences and seminars and since 2010 is the permanent Chairman of the Board of the National Cyber Warfare Conference (CWC) held every six months in Rome and Milan.

From March 2017 he is also the Executive VP of EUCACS – European Center for Advanced Cyber Security.

He launched in 2017 the Ticino Cyber Security Survey in cooperation with Supsi and Ticino Chamber of Commerce, which is extended in 2018 at Confederation level. He is sustaining a PPP initiative among Institutions, Academies and Private Companies for a wide sensitization on Cyber Threat and the constitution of a Cyber Defense Center in Ticino.

Paper titleFrom Passive Defense to Permanent Alert to Active Response

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