Nicola Sotira

Nicola Sotira

Nicola Sotira

Head of the Information Security, Gruppo Poste Italiane (Italy) |

French translation hereunder / Traduction française ci-après

Short Bio

Nicola Sotira is Director General of the Global Cyber Security Center of Poste Italiane and Information Security Manager in Poste Italiane. He is in the field of information security for over 20 years with experience in different international companies.

In the previous experience, Nicola Sotira was sales Director UC&C & Security Practices in Westcon Group Italy and VP Sales Italy in Clavister AB. Professor at the Master in Network Security of La Sapienza University, Member of the Association for Computing Machinery. Promoter of technological innovation, was member of several startups in Italy and abroad.



Paper : Mobile platforms the key for digital transformation and the security pain.

Mobility and mobile are the new, de facto, standard for computing today and will be more and more keys for digital transformation even if the enterprise not fully understand the capabilities of the always on and always connected devices. At the opposite cybercriminal fully understand the power of all these mobile devices, that are collecting an incredible amount of data, and for that reason they are targeting more and more mobile platforms.

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