Col. Xavier Guimard

Col. Xavier Guimard

Col. Xavier Guimard

Deputy Head of the STSISI, Gendarmerie Nationale (FR) |


Deputy Head of the STSISI (Service des technologies et des systèmes d’information de la sécurité intérieure), a Service attached to the General Staff of the French Gendarmry.

Paper : Computer security seen by a soldier

The defense of information systems is often handled by robotic systems.

But the attacker is a human being who has his intelligence to circumvent these protections. Military history is full of twists and turns where soldiers have failed each time they have fallen asleep on their laurels, content to stupidly apply a doctrine or underestimate their opponents.

This is why the strategy was developed, a human science theorizing the confrontation.

This is reminiscent of the short history of the Internet. Often, the defenders are surprised by the failure of a software or underestimate the capabilities of the opponent. That’s why I had the idea a few years ago to study how military strategy could improve IT defense.

The security of information systems is not a war, however, there are many differences. But it can not be treated as crime with police methods either. Indeed, the general action of the police is guided by a logic of deterrence, which has no effect on cross-border and elusive delinquency.

Companies can only rely on themselves to defend their IT. So it is a fight that does not look like a classic war but is close to the asymmetrical war.

This conference will be an opportunity to present briefly the modest conclusions that we have been able to draw from this theorization through some concrete examples.

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