Marc-André Ryter

Marc-André Ryter

Marc-André Ryter

Swiss Army, General Staff Collaborator for Military Doctrine |

With a university diploma  in Security Policies, after graduating in Political Sciences, Col. Marc-André Ryter is a collaborator of the General Staff of the Swiss Army, for all topics concerning the military doctrine. He folows and studies all the technological evolutions which may prove relevant for the armed forces and for different operation fields, with a particular aim to adapt the military doctrine.

His last article “La quatrième révolution industrielle et son impact sur les forces armées” can be read on the 2017/1 issue of the Military Power Review of the Swiss Armed Forces

Paper Day 1 : Army goes 4.0: challenges and threats

This presentation explains why armed forces will need to integrate the technological evolution. It shows the opportunities and possible applications of the new technologies in armed forces. But it also underlines the risks linked to this evolution. A special emphasis is given to the possible evolution of the battlefield and to the Swiss vision of the risks and opportunities linked to the introduction of new technologies in armed forces.

Paper Day 2 : Army and Industry 4.0: similar challenges, same threats

This presentation shows the different features of the new technologies and of the ongoing evolution that will affect the civilian society and the armed forces in a similar way. Advantages and risks will be the same, and both will need to find appropriate answers to the risks and vulnerabilities if they intend to benefit from the opportunities given by the new technologies. It is already today a necessity to proactively engage the ongoing transformation linked to the technological evolution in order not to suffer from its consequences in the future.

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