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6 Décembre / December 6th

Mercredi 6 décembre : accueil des orateurs, logement, dîner de bienvenue.

Wednesday, December 6th : arrival of the speakers, accommodation, welcome dinner.


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7 Décembre / December 7th

08:00 – 09:00: Welcome and registration


09:00      Welcome speech (Organizers)

09:15      A CEO’s Foreword: Being agile and able to change one’s own vision when we speak about Cyber

 Xavier van NUVEL, CEO, Digital Solutions and OpenOnline


PANEL 1: « Non-hackable as a duty »


09:30      Keynote: Army goes 4.0: challenges and threats

Col. Marc-André RYTER, Swiss Army, General Staff Collaborator for Military Doctrine

10:00      Short note:  A real example: orders to Mandate Actions with Gloved Enhancements

Julien PROVENZANO, PréKaRé (France)

10:15      Keynote: A Cyber Revolution in Military Affairs

Prof. Alexandre VAUTRAVERS, Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

10:45      Short note: Competitive intelligence and Cyber Security, the two faces of a same medal

Marc GERMAN, Cybercrime and Business diplomacy specialist (France)


11:00 – 11:30: Coffee Break


PANEL 2: « Risk knowledge and measurement in a mutant environment »


11:30      Keynote: 2017: A Year of Change in the Threat Environment

Martin LEE, CISCO/Talos, Head Of Cyber Security EMEA (U.K.)

12:00      Short note: Managing Security in Industrial Control Systems

Prof. Roland-Iosif MORARU, Technical University of Petrosani (Romania)

12:20      Short note: New field, news threats for security: machine learning

Christophe RÉVILLE, Business Intelligence expert and Founder, IE2S (France)

12:40      Short note: Companies’ Vulnerabilities seen through a Risk Manager Analysis

Christophe MADEC, Cybersecurity expert, Bessé Industry and Services (France)


13:05 – 14:30: Networking & Lunch Break


PANEL 3: The « Next gen security and strategies »


14:30      Short note: The Enterprise Immune System: Machine Learning for Next-Generation Cyber Defense

Bénédict MATTHEY, Cyber Security Executive, Darktrace (U.K.)

14:50      Keynote: Dangerous liaisons: Cars and IoT. Still possible to secure?

Yannick HARREL, Head of Cyberstrategy Department, Technology & Strategy (France)

15:20      Short note: The Use of Artificial Intelligence to help Cyber Security

Battista CAGNONI, Cyber Security Expert, Vectra (Switzerland)

15:40      Keynote: From Convergence to Corporate Security 4.0.

Luca TENZI, Convergence specialist (Switzerland)

16:10      Short note: Cyberpower, a view into future powers

Arthur LAZAR, Deputy Head, Cyberint (Romanian Intelligence Services)


16:30 – 17:00: Coffee Break


PANEL 4: « PPP: Share, work and be strong united, or… die alone« .


17:00      (Remote) Keynote: The Importance of PPP. Making it work in today’s threat environment.

Joseph BILLY, Jr. & Lt. Jeremy P. RUSS, New Jersey Regional Operations and Intelligence Center (ROIC)

17:30      Keynote: Shared Threat intelligence platform in UN context

Chems ZAIR, CISO, International Telecommunication Union (UN/Geneva)

18:00      Keynote: Weathering the storm of cybersecurity

Stephen FOREMAN, Chief of Data Representation, Metadata and Monitoring, WMO (UN/Geneva)

18:30      Keynote: Cybersecurity & Cyberdefense : a shared responsibility

Prof. Solange GHERNAOUTI, Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory & Research Group, University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

19:00      Short note: When compliance obsession undermines a company’s vision towards full stack security

Prof. Laurent CHRZANOVSKI, Congress Manager (Switzerland)


19:15 – 20:00: Networking and B2B


20:30: Gala dinner

8 Décembre / December 8th

08:00 – 08:30: Welcome and registration




08:30      Welcome

Pierre-Arnauld FUEG, Lord Mayor of Porrentruy, Host

08:45      Statement

Rosheen Awotar-Mauree, Programme Officer for the Europe Office, International Telecommunication Union

09:00      Every CEO may have to face a catastrophic crisis: how to be prepared.

Special Guest: Christos TSOLKAS, Vice-President, Philip Morris International

09:30      2018 APT landscape

Special Guest: Costin RAIU, Head, Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab

10:00      Safety and security… an ongoing debate (title tbc)

Special Guest: General (5S) (Ret.) Marc WATIN-AUGOUARD, Forum international de la cyber-securité


10:30 – 11:00: Coffee Break




11.00      Keynote: Challenges in defending a country’s strategic systems (title tbc)

Col. Anton ROG, Head of the CYBERINT Center (Romanian Intelligence Services)

11:30      Keynote: Mobile platforms the key for digital transformation and the security pain

Nicola SOTIRA, Head of Information Security, Poste Italiane; Head of the Global Cyber Security Center

12:00      Keynote: A continuous cybersecurity framework aiming to build a cybersecurity roadmap for the                 aviation industry

Pascal BUCHNER, Director ITS & CIO, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

12:30      Keynote: Climate change as a major security risk (title tbc)

H.E. Abadallah MOKSSIT, IPCC Secretary-General (UN/Geneva)


13:00 – 14:15: Lunch Break




14:15      Keynote: Confidentially, digital sovereignty and vision from the European Union’s  future

Mika LAUHDE, Cybersecurity Expert and CEO, 65°Security (Finland)

14:45      Keynote: Exploring the methods of organized groups’ communication: limits and challenges in its identification at early stages

Margherita NATALI, Legal Support to the Division of Information Technologies, Infrastructure Service Section, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)

15:15      Keynote: Full Stack Security

Marco ESSOMBA, Founder, iCyber-Security Group (U.K.)

15:45      Keynote: The main differences between cyberdefense and digital transformation

Olivier KEMPF, Expert in Security, IRIS (France)


16:15 – 16:45: Coffee Break




16:45      Keynote: Fighting Cyber Threats to Switzerland

Mauro VIGNATI, Head of Cyber, Federal Intelligence Service (Switzerland)

17:15      Keynote: Computer security seen by a soldier

Col. Xavier GUIMARD, Deputy Head of Anticipation and Coordination, STSISI (France)

17:45      Keynote: Army and industry 4.0: similar challenges, same threats?

Col. Marc-André RYTER, Swiss Army, General Staff Collaborator for Military Doctrine

18:15      Conclusions


20:30: Farewell dinner


9 Décembre / December 9th

Samedi 9 décembre : départ des orateurs VIP

Saturday, December 9th : departure of the speakers.